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Sound Bar Mount for High Lifter Polaris

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Sound Bar Mount for High Lifter Polaris, for mounting sound bar or Light bar or both. This mount is available for the Wet sound Bar or the Bazooka Party Bar. Select the Bar option at time of purchase.
Part Number: Highlifter S B M
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Steel Sound Bar Mounts for High Lifter Polaris

Install a sound bar, LED lightbar, or both with the high-quality Soundbar Mount for High Lifter Polaris by Rage Fab. 
Mount a Stealth Wet Sound 6, Bazooka BPB24 Party Bar, or PowerBass xl-800 in the mounting brackets. Select your option above.

Made of 10 Gauge steel and powder coated for a durable, long-lasting finish. 

Add a light bar on the front of the support plate, rather than mount to the plastic and have the plastic drop under the weight, or you can mount a light bar in the brackets. Our Sound Bar Mount is a great looking cover plate for the front plastic, with a built-in set of mounting brackets.

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