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Outlander Dual Sound Bar and Light Bar mount

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Dual mount for Outlander
Outlander Dual Sound Bar Mount (DSB)
Part Number: DSB-Outlander
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Outlander Dual Sound and Light Bar Mount

Cam-Am Outlander Sound Bar and light bar mount makes it possible to mount a Wet Sound 6 soundbar and LED light bar to your Outlander. The Bazooka 24 inch soundbar can also be mounted with the addition of our Rage Fab Bazooka Party Bar Mount Adaptor for use with Rage Fab Sound Bar Mount or Bazooka Party Bar with Mount Adaptor Combo Rage Fab.  

The best light bar fits are 14 inches installed with the "L" brackets supplied from light manufacturer or 18" or 20" when using a light which has a utility rail mount on it.    

This sound bar and light bar mount are made of 10 gauge powder coated steel. The default color is Matte Black, but we do offer it in the Can-Am colors.

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