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Game Loader Winch Bar

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Game loader winch mount bar for roof line mount
Part Number: Def game bar
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The Game Loader Winch Bar is a must for Hunters.  This ten gauge high mount bar allow the mounting of a winch at the top of the roof line over the bed. this can be used to load game such as deer, hogs and other object with the bed up or down.  The Game Loader Winch Bar is a strong steel construction and has a Matte black micro texture powder coat finish. We recommend loads be limited to not more than 500 pounds.  Nevertheless, we incorporated a multi bolt pattern winch mounting plate it allow for winches up to 5K.  However, We recommend a 1500 pound winch, as this will lift any game that will fit in the bed. It should be noted that this bar is NOT designed for vehicle recover and may not withstand the force needed for such actions.  We do offer winch mount bumpers which are designed for recovery.