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Rage Fab Cargo Box and Rack
Rage Fab Cargo Box and Rack

Rage Cargo Rack for Defender

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Your Price: $2,195.00
Rage Duck Rack for Defender. The rack you need to do Duck hunting from a Defender!Rage Duck Rack corner view
Part Number: Def-cargo-Rack
Availability: build to order

Rage Duck Rack for Can-Am Defender

Rage Duck Rack for Defender is a must have, if you use your Can-Am Defender for duck or goose hunting. This rack is made of strong and lightweight 14 gauge steel and sports a powder coat finish in matte black, to avoid glare. 

Rage Duck Rack comes with:
  • 4 Robo Duck Mounts
  • 4 Side Hooks for Decoy Rigs
  • Floodlights 
  • Plenty of Accessory Hooks & Loops. 
  • Comes with "drop in and turn" bolts for easy install and removal. 

It is attached only to the bed, to allow the bed to be raised and lowered, without removing the Duck Rack. Installation requires only a 9/16" wrench your wire to light switch.

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