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Bazooka Party Bar with Mount Adaptor Combo Rage Fab

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Retail Price:$559.90
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Bazooka Party Bar BPB24 is the Sound Bar You want to bring the party to you. Now get, and get the Rage Fab Bazooka Party Bar Mount Adaptor for $30.00.

Part Number: Bazooka Party Bar and Adaptor combo
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Bazooka Party Bar Gen 2 with Mount Adaptor

Get Rage Fab Bazooka Party Bar Mount Adaptor for use with Rage Fab Sound Bar Mount for $30, when you purchase the Bazooka Party Bar BPB24 24″ With RGB Illumination at manufacturers fixed price.
Bazooka Party Bar with Mount Adaptor Combo From Rage Fab lets you get the mount adaptor for $30 and the Party Bar at the regular price. We can't reduce the regulated factory price. However, we can reduce the price on Mount Adaptor, in black, only.

Bazooka introduces the first ever “Party Bar”. An all-in-one sound system and integrated RGB LED illumination system that will bring the party to your ATV, SxS, or golf cart. Engineered to last the Bazooka Party Bar Bluetooth speaker system boasts a ton of features.

Bazooka Party Bar includes: 
450W of max power amplified sound
8 marine grade speakers including 2 end loaded woofers 
Full Bluetooth functionality including hands-free phone calls. 
Universal RF Remote
Complete lighting 

The built-in RGB LED illumination system with backlighted tweeters, LED rings in the ends, and a full-length dual LED party strip is capable of flashing multiple colors at any speed all at the command of your fingertips. The Party Bar will add all the bling you need to keep the party going all night long. 

Use the included RF remote to wirelessly control both your Bluetooth audio and your LED illumination system, as well as, any aftermarket LED light bar connected to the Party Bar’s accessory power port with one universal remote. The Bazooka Party Bar is the ultimate all-in-one off-road “party system” available.