To Install the Rage Fab Defender Lift Kit

Step 1.  Lift all or one end of the Defender until tires are off the ground.

Step 2.  Remove shocks

Step 3.  Install Lift brackets (larger Brackets in front and smaller brackets in rear) (note: Front bracket now has 2 additional optional holes which require a 3/8 inch drill and we also include a 3 hole back support to act as reinforcement for the most aggressive drivers)

Step 4.  Re-install shocks, top first, then pry down on lower control arm to install the bottom

Install Rage Fab Can-Am Defender Lift Kit



Date 4/16/2019

A video would be nice of both front and rear installation of the lift kit for the can am defender. That would show me how it mounts to the body of my defender so I can decide if I like the way it mounts .It looks like the best and toughest lift l have seen so far and l would buy this lift for my defender. Please send me more information on it


Date 9/14/2019

Have you had any issues with axles binding with this kit installed?

Michael Horton

Date 12/4/2019

Would like an video of Installation on lift kit on defender

Michael Horton

Date 12/4/2019

Would like an video of Installation on lift kit on defender


Date 4/28/2020

Does this lift fit the xmr defender.


Date 6/19/2021


Date 7/5/2021



Date 11/11/2021

I am needing a couple more inches of lift on my 2021 Can-Am defender limited. I added Z bros shocks with remote reservoirs on all four corners, in the front I did the super ATV 2 inch up and 2 inch forward a arms. I am running 33 inch tires but when driving aggressively can still get some rubbing/ bottoming out. I was excited when I saw these bracket lifts, they look to be built better than anything on the market, but when I went to order them, I saw that it said they fit all defenders except the limited, I was wondering what is the reason it would not fit the limited? Thanks, Mike

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